Sell my house quickly for a good price?

I need to sell my house quickly; what are my options to getting the fastest sale?

Making a decision under any kind of pressure is often difficult, yet many homeowners are in a position whereby they need to sell their homes quickly and are often unsure of the best possible route to take. Due to little guidance in the area, and the most common solution being a traditional estate agent sale – it is no wonder that many homeowners end up losing their property due to repossession. At Ready Steady Sell we like to be as transparent as possible when it comes to selling your home, and hope to be able to offer you a quick sale and still get you the best possible price. We have therefore summed up below the options available to you when it comes to selling your home quickly.

Do I have to sell my house for a below market value price in order to sell quick?

If you are struggling to sell your property on the open market the usual reason is you or your estate agent priced the property incorrectly in the first instance. If you have correctly priced the property, then an average estate agent sale should take no more than 6 months to find a buyer. This is not taking into consideration chains, and slow solicitors. Therefore, it really depends on the speed that you need to sell. If you do need to sell any quicker than this you will need to look at reducing your asking price to make the sale seem more attractive. This way you will encourage cash buyers to consider your home as an investment purchase, meaning they aren’t in a chain and can move quickly.

I need a fast sale and a fair price, can any route to sale guarantee this?

This is a very difficult question to answer as there is real guaranteed way of selling other than using a cash buying firm like ours. However, it is possible to achieve a very good price for your property in a quick time if your property is located in a very buoyant area, you have a very good estate agent with strong marketing skills, and your property is in very good condition. This isn’t considering other factors that may influence your sale, such as seasons, market conditions and area demand. In truth, an open market sale is too difficult to predict as to how long it will take to sell at full market value.

Can I sell quickly and get full market value with an auction sale?

When your back is against the wall and you need to sell fast you may think that selling at auction is a good route. However, you need to bear in mind that most auction companies will expect you to set a reserve price at 80-85% of market value. They will rarely list a property in their auction with a reserve price that matches the market value – and would assume that you weren’t after a quick sale and rather would wait on the open market.

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There are alternatives such as online property auctions however they do not get the same level of traffic that a traditional bricks and mortar auction would achieve.

Do ‘sell house for cash’ companies expect huge discounts from market value?

Should quick house sale companies be trusted? Well, homeowners approach quick house sale companies with a lot of caution with the majority opting to sell their houses through the conventional property market.

In fact, most people are even sceptical about dealing with quick house sale companies for the fear of being conned. However, the truth is that most of the quick house sale companies can be trusted. Besides, they are an excellent channel of selling your property especially when time is of essence. Here are some reasons why you should trust quick house sale companies:

  • Quick house sale companies are transparent – Just like estate agents, quick house sale companies have a governing body that ensures they adhere to the rules and regulations. This body is also handy when it comes to settling disputes should any arise. As such, quick house sale companies are keen on ensuring that the sale process is clear by explaining their processes upfront as well as what they offer.
  • Quick house sale companies will sell your house fast – Unlike estate agents that promise to sell your property fast simply because they are interested in having your sign up with them, quick house sale companies will sell your house fast. On average, it will take about seven days for you to receive the proceeds from the sale of your house from quick house sale companies.
  • Quick house sale companies have ready cash – Since most of the quick house sale companies act on behalf of wealthy investors, they are usually ready with the cash. Therefore, you will not encounter delays in receiving payment for your house. In fact, it is for this reason that a quick house sale company is ideal when selling your house due to financial difficulties you may be encountering.

It is important to take time and vet quick house sale companies before committing to have then sell your property. This will ensure that you sell your house fast and for a good price.

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Valuing your Property for a Successful Sale In The First Instance

Selling your house is not just a complex but also a time-consuming process. However, with an accurate valuation, you can be sure to secure the best-selling price possible.

When you set the asking price of your home too high, you face the risk of alienating prospective buyers long before they view your house. On the other hand, when you set your asking price too low, you certainly risk devaluing your house in the eyes of potential buyers.

Generally, you could work with estate agents that are knowledgeable about your area and have a record of selling houses that are similar to yours to value your property accurately based on various factors.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you want to let your estate agent to help you with the valuation or not, it is important that you are well informed of the factors that drive house prices. This way, you can set an asking price that will culminate to the highest sale prices possible.

Generally, it must be understood that the process of estimating the value of a home is complex as it takes into account multiple factors that include the following;

  • The features and fixtures in your home
  • The number of bedrooms
  • The style and age of your property
  • The general state of repair of your property
  • The level of workmanship involved in the construction of the property
  • The exact location of the property as well as surrounding amenities
  • Tenancies and liabilities associated with the property

Even with the criteria listed above, predicting the value of houses in certain areas can be difficult, making the estate agent’s knowledge of the area valuable.

While there are numerous ways of valuing property, the most common one entails drawing a comparison of similar properties within your area. You can do this with the aid of online tools such as RightMove or simply pay a surveyor to carry out a detailed survey by looking at historical sales data. The valuation and subsequent asking price will then be derived from information gathered in the process.

When valuing your property, you need to take into account the following factors:

  • The size of the property
  • The last time transactions for the property were done
  • The condition of the property
  • The actual location of the property as well as neighbouring streets
  • The local building regulations
  • The final sale prices
  • How fast properties in the area sold

You will be surprised at how much the process of selling your house can be emotional and the effect this has on the prices. Thus, regardless of the size of your house it can only be worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it. On the other hand, the location of your property also plays a role in the determination of price. For instance, if your property is located in an area that is highly sought after yet has low supply of property and exceptional demand, you are likely to attract far much than you asking or even market price.

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How Do Ready Steady Sell Differ From Other Quick Sale Companies?

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