Should I Use An Online Estate Agent?

High street estate agents are quite popular among property sellers and buyers alike. In fact, they are the most popular link you will find when selling or buying property. However, online estate agents are slowly gaining popularity effectively challenging the high street estate agents.

If you do not know yet why you should use an online estate agency to sell your property here are the top reasons to consider:

  • It is convenient – Most people who have to juggle between two jobs or have a demanding lifestyle do not have free time. Consequently, arranging for consultation meetings with the high street estate agents can be demanding. On the other hand, online estate agents offer flexibility as you can get in touch with them from wherever you are and instruct them without having to worry about hidden charges.
  • Saves money – Selling property online will save you money. This is because unlike high street agents, the majority of online estate agents charge a flat rate for selling your house thus saving you cash in estate agent fees. In addition, some online estate agents may offer expert property valuation at no cost making it easier to get your property to sell.
  • They work around you – If you are caught up in the complexities of a 9 to 5 job, online agents give you more time to contact them despite your busy schedule. This means you can go on with the process of selling property without being distracted from work, as the agent will take the hassle of arranging for viewings by prospective buyers at a time that is convenient for you.
  • You have access to more prospective buyers – The majority of buyers begin their search for property online as opposed to the high street estate agent windows. As such, the chances of your property being noticed by the right people within a short time are high.
  • Expertise and experience – When you sell your property using an online estate agent you get to harness their expertise and experience of finding the right buyer for your property and at the right price. For instance, online estate agents are keen on showing your house in its best light through a property portfolio they create with adequate details for buyers to see.

Selling your property using an online estate agent is an excellent way to dispose of your property just as it is when selling through a high street agent. If anything, using an online estate agent presents is hassle free and effective so that you do not have to feel under pressure at any given point during the sale process.

Even then, you need to beware of rogue online estate agents by ensuring that you vet the agents thoroughly and ensure that they are registered with bodies such as the Property Ombudsman that come in handy in the event that there is a dispute. You will also do well to check their reputation as well as previous property sales they have handled before engaging them.

Make an Informed Decision Fast With an Online Property Valuation

Property valuation is important in not only determining how much your property is worth but also when setting the asking price and selling price of your property.

Although the conventional way to determine the value of your property is getting an estate agent or a professional surveyor on site to determine the value of your property, you can get instant valuation with the use of online valuation tools.

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Online valuation will help you make decisions faster as you get to know the value of your property immediately. The majority of online property valuation solutions offers a combination of variables the range from surveyor valuation records, data assets, estate agency property details and asking prices from the land registry records.

Some online property valuation tools also come with an additional benefit of including floor plans and photographs from leading property portals.

The major advantage of the online property valuation is that the valuations are delivered in real time. In addition, the valuation comes with a confidence rating that is an indicator of the validity of the valuation. This is based on the information that is provided.

Lenders will particularly benefit from using this tool because it helps them to access vital information such as where applicants have used the property as collateral fast. Moreover, it will help in cutting on expenses as well as preventing the profit margins from shrinking.

Ultimately, you need to realize that online property valuations have limitations that you need to beware of so that you do not end up with an overvaluation or undervaluation for your property. Therefore, do not shy away from asking high street estate agents to give you a free valuation of your property so that you can draw a comparison with the online property valuation and be able to make a sound decision.

Traps to Avoid when Selling your Home

Whether you are selling property through an estate agent or to a quick house sale company, it is important to ensure that you do a background check of the agent as well as company. This will ensure that you do not fall victim to common traps by intermediaries. Here are some of some of the traps that you need to avoid:

  • Not getting the right price – Knowing the correct value of your property is the crucial. However, you need to resist from the temptation of getting the price early in the sale process as you might end up with a price that is out of sync with the current market rates. Keep in mind that asking too much or too little may both be detrimental. Remember, prospective buyers will repel property whose price is inflated while underpricing your property will result in underselling yourself. Thus, you will do well to ensure you get a second or third opinion from trends analysts, property experts and estate agents.
  • Sealing the deal before it is done – Some estate agents and even quick house sale companies will push your into committing to signing the agreement before the deal is done. Therefore, you will do well to refrain from announcing a fixed price that does not allow room for negotiation between you, the estate agent and the buyer. Always leave room for negotiation.
  • Assuming all estate agents are the same – Regardless of how competent the estate agent may seem from the face value, you need to talk to at least three estate agents. It is important to know what different estate agents are offering before selecting the agent that you will work with. While some estate agents offer an open approach to their clients, others subject you to nasty surprises of things you did not envision at the beginning of the sale. Therefore, take time to vet estate agents and seek clarification for anything that may not seem clear.
  • Not reading the small print – Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by the urgency to sell your house so that you forget to read the small print. This is where estate agents or quick house sale companies will insert terms and conditions that you would otherwise not agree to because they know you are unlikely to read. Thus, you may be excited knowing that you have landed a good deal only to find out that you were caught up by a tiny sentence in small print that will disrupt your sale completely. Remember, by signing the contract you are consenting to the terms and conditions. You can avoid clauses that could leave you in a tight spot by reading the contract carefully.
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It is advisable to take caution when selling your house so that you do not become a victim of the traps discussed above. More importantly, ensure you are adequately informed about the decisions you make concerning sale decision so that you do not lose out on the value of your investment.

What Every Home Owner Must know before listing a Property on the Market with an Online Estate Agent

Selling your house involves a serious transaction. This is mainly due to the amount of money that is involved regardless of the reason for selling. Ultimately, you should aim to make a maximum return for your investment. One of the ways to achieve this is by preparing adequately.

Here are some top seven things you needs to know before putting up your property for sale:

  • Compare prices in the area – While your driving force may be achieving the value of your property, it is important to take into account that in reality, there are other external factors that may affect the price of your house.

As such, you will do well to draw price comparisons with properties of similar features within your area. You can do this by searching online for recent sold prices of property on your street. This will give you an insight on what to expect from the valuer as well as buyers.

  • Equip yourself with knowledge of the area – In addition to being informed of the prices of property within your area, you will do well to equip yourself with adequate knowledge of the area where your property is located.

This way, you can use this information to sell your property by giving buyers an overview of the area that includes presence to schools, shops, transport links and pubs among other amenities.

  • Home truths – It is important to have an idea of how your property will be perceived on the market well before you list it. To do this, you can consider inviting your family members and friends and get them to help you to point those areas they consider as weaknesses.

Sometimes, applying a fresh lick of paint or fixing a creaking door or leaking tap can make a difference by stopping the bad impression. During this process, be sure to encourage people to be honest when giving you their opinion about your home. Remember, buyers will not old back their opinion thus; you would rather be criticized by people you know that those you intend to do business with, as this will be a setback to the selling process.

Go digital – You need to take into consideration the fact that most of the home buyers begin their search for property online. Therefore, you must take note of where your customers will be shopping and ensure that they find you there. Customers that are found online will undoubtedly be going through a variety of options so be sure to give them everything they need especially a compelling description and photos.

  • Do not over rely on high street estate agents – While estate agents are instrumental when selling property, they are not the only channel through which you can sell. In fact, you can use an online agency to eliminate the hassle involved in selling as well as minimize the fees involved in the sale of property when dealing with high street estate agents.
  • Know your next steps – It is important to have a clearly laid out plan of your next steps once you have sold your house. You should refrain from putting your house up for sale when you know that you may not be ready for your next move by the time you are selling your home. Be sure to have a firm plan in place and ensure that you are comfortable. This involves being ready for viewings regarding the sale as well as clean the house.
  • Have your paper work ready – it is important that you know where all your paperwork for the house you are selling it. Do not wait until the last minute to start scrambling finding very important documents at the eleventh hour. Anything that has the potential of holding up a possible sale may end up being very costly.
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Preparing adequately for the sale of your house is the first step towards achieving a sale. Therefore, take time to review the issues discussed above so to ensure that you get a buyer fast and for a good price.

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