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How To Attain A Fast House Sale In The Current UK Property Market

It is no doubt that your house is one of your most valued possessions. Thus, when it comes to selling it, you do not want give it away blindly. Rather, you want your investment to pay off. Ironically, estate agents and solicitors usually end up with a significant fraction of the sale price for their expert service.

Thus, the hints and tips discussed in this article will serve as a guide to ensure that you get the most from the sale of your house:

  • Get the best estate agent deal

Estate agents are an important link when buying and selling property. Even then, you need to keep in mind that they are in business hence are interested in your money. Thus, you will do well to persuade them to offer you the best service for the shortest lock in period and lowest agent fee possible.

Most estate agents will charge you a certain percentage of the sale price of your property while others may charge a flat fee. In addition, they will introduce a lock in clause that prevents you from withdrawing your contract with them and marketing your house with another agent for the duration stated.

As such, you need to know how to haggle your way around this to the best deal possible. You may want to scout the agents that are available within your area. A general tip is working with the busy agents that belong to an umbrella body like estate agents association.

You could also try out both the independent and corporate agencies to have a variety of services to choose from. With three or four quotes from these agents, you can approach them to discuss the offers you have. At this point, you need to stand your ground because you have the power. Generally, you should aim for a one percent fee of the property’s sale price and a lock in period of not more than one month.  If they refuse your suggestion, tell them you are taking business to the rival and walk away.

  • Mystery shop the agency

Once the estate agent of your choice has put the house up for sale, you may want to mystery shop to gauge how well they are promoting your property. You could ask for property that has similar specifications as yours and see if he will recommend your house or another one and how well the agent will do it.

  • Do not disclose your valuation

 When you request for a valuation report from several estate agents, ensure that you do not tell one agency how another agency valued your house. They can use this information to manipulate the offer leading to distortions. Thus, just let the agency do their valuation after which you can put questions across for justification of the price given.

  • Be sure to get value for money

Once you have signed a contract with the estate agent, you must ensure that you are receiving value for your money. In the event that you are unhappy with the service, you can talk to your agent and agree on the possible solutions including talking to another agent if you are in a multi-agency set up.

  • Get the right solicitor

Solicitors are indispensable when selling your house as they help with the understanding of the contract terms. Always ensure that you settle for a solicitor that is reliable and has a longstanding reputation. You could ask for recommendations or simply research about them so that you have all the background information you need to know about them.

Overall, with the right information and approach, the process of selling your house doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. All you need to do is ensure that your interests are protected at every step of the way so that you make the most of your investment in the end.

Fast House Sale – Is There Anything To Speed Up The Process?

The end of summer is a great time to sell your house. However, you need to consider certain things if you want to sell your house fast. They include the following:

  • Make a great first impression

It is important to ensure that your house in a state that will make people want to walk through. Otherwise, you will not even get any viewings. In short, if you want to sell your house fast, it is crucial to get viewers who are essentially prospective clients through the door.

This means that the way you market your house is important. Do not just list is and sit back waiting for a sale. Ensure that you take good quality photographs; give a detailed and persuasive description of your property as well as floor plans because buyers usually have very high expectations. Think about it. You can’t go on your first date looking scruffy therefore apply the same attention to detail before presenting your house to prospective buyers.

  • Sell first before buying

In an ideal situation, it is better to sell your house before buying. This will ensure that you do not have two mortgages at the same time. Even then, you need to keep in mind the potential to sell your house. Remember, it is highly risky to try to buy a new house on the basis that you sell your current house first because you might just be sent against other bidders. Most importantly, if you do not have adequate information about the property market ensure that you equip yourself with adequate information from both offline and online resources such as Homeowners Alliance.

  • Set a target

It is a general belief that there are high chances of selling your house in summer or spring owing to the fact that most families tend to be settled before the beginning of a new school year. Therefore, you will do well to have a clear deadline for achieving a sale. You also need to consider that when your property is listed on the property market for far too long before a prospective buyer comes along, and then interest in your property begins to wane off even as suspicions rise on what could be wrong with your house. This can have a negative effect on the value your home. 

  • Be proactive

Being proactive will often work to your advantage, as it tends to speed up the process. For instance, consider beginning your search for a conveyance long before you find a buyer. This is generally the process of transferring the ownership of your home to the buyer. In fact, you should don’t leave it until you find a buyer. The best time to find a solicitor is as soon as you are ready to put your house on the market, as this will get things moving.

If you have already tried all these without much success, you may want to consider selling your house to a quick house sale company altogether, as they are able to expedite the process.

Selling your House Fast: Accepting Offers

The process of selling your house is not legal until an offer is accepted and contracts exchanged. This is the point where both parties feel ‘safe’ and are legally bound to honor the agreement. At this point, the terms are fixed and both you and the buyer are well aware of where you stand.

This means that as a homeowner, you need to refrain from putting any direct agreements with your buyer in writing before getting legal advice. Thus, if you make an agreement verbally, then you need to mention that it is subject to the contract. Ultimately, your conveyancer/solicitor will be in charge of the wording and drafting of the contract.

Most importantly, the goal is usually to get to exchange the contract as fast as possible without any deviation from the terms agreed upon. So how then do you ensure that things do not go wrong?

Here are a number of factors you need to consider:

  • Ensure that your conveyancer/solicitor begins working on the draft contract at the earliest opportunity.
  • Check that all the parties involved are in communication and are responding to requests within the timescales agreed upon.
  • Ensure all paper work is completed as quickly as possible.

Well, it is important to ensure that you pause and think through numerous factors before you accept an offer because once you do, you will be bound by the contract to fulfill the terms. Most importantly, do not accept an offer when you are under pressure as you are likely to end up with a choice that you did not desire.

Where possible, seek extensive advice from industry experts including your estate agent as they have a good understanding of not only the market but also everything else that is associated with the sale process.


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