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Online Estate Agencies VS Traditional Estate Agents…

Online estate agency services have taken the internet by storm over the past year, and a lot of house sellers are jumping on the bandwagon as opposed to a traditional sale with a high street estate agent.

The benefits to selling with an online estate agent is very simply the savings that you will make in fees.

Traditional estate agents on average will charge you in excess of 2% of your property sale price, in London this can increase to around 5%.

If your property is valued at £300,000 it could end up costing you £15,000 in selling fees to a traditional estate agency, where as an online firm would cost you from £400. This is obviously a huge difference but you need to sum up whether a traditional estate agent is going to do a better job at selling your house for you on your behalf?

Traditional estate agents are usually local, so they know the local area street by street, and they can better value a property based on their local knowledge. This gives them an added advantage over online estate agencies, and may work out better for you when it comes to selling.

How our online agency works.

Our online estate agency service is a hybrid of traditional estate agency, and online estate agency. What we do is actually come and visit your property, put up a board and take photos to go on websites like Rightmove. Very similarly to traditional estate agencies we don’t charge any upfront fees for this service.

Once your property is advertised we will only present buyers to you if they are in a position to move quickly and are genuinely interested in buying your property. We will not waste your time letting buyers look around your property if they are stuck in long chains, or if they don’t have the finances readily available to proceed to purchase should they make an offer that you accept.

An online estate agent may help you in getting your property listed on Rightmove and Zoopla, but that is all they will do. They won’t help you by taking professional quality photos, enhancing your listings, weeding our ‘widow shoppers’ and present you with genuine buyers.

With our online estate agent service we will take care of you from start to finish, that also means dealing with all of the enquiries about your property, bids made, and solicitors.

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