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How To Make Sure Your House Is ‘Market Ready’.

Every house is not the same, we all have individual tastes and styles.  But to stans a chance of selling your property in todays tough market we have prepared some tips to give you a better chance of finding your buyer:

Tell yourself that your home is now just a property for sale.  Prepare to make some changes to the way it is

De personalise, De Clutter, Clean up!, Rearrange your shelves, Make those minor repairs, Remove the stuff your taking with you, Check, check and check again. Check your curb appeal, outside is as important as inside, Get a second opinion, ask your friends and neighbours.

More detailed tips and techniques can be found HERE. However…if you don’t have the time for the above and need to sell your house fast then we can help.

We have real cash available now to buy properties on any condition throughout the UK, you could even have the cash in the bank under seven days.  We even have an option that could see you achieve up to 100% of market value if you don’t need to sell that quick.

To find out how much you could get for your house CONTACT US now.

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