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5 Top Tips To Help You Get A Fast House Sale In 2018 That Are Easy To Implement

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Before putting your house on sale on the property market, you need to do everything to increase the value. Furthermore, you also need to improve the visual appeal to attract potential buyers.

In most cases, recommendations on how to get your house ready for a sale are not only time consuming but also expensive hence out of reach. However, sometimes you may not have the time and money to remodel your home in readiness for a sale.

The good news is you don’t have to worry if you don’t have the money. Here are a few simple things you can do to ensure you sell your house fast:

  • Spring clean

Before you stage your home to potential buyers, give your house a spring clean. That is, go beyond the regular vacuuming and dusting to clean those areas of the house that are often overlooked.  For instance, pay attention to your oven as well as stovetop because these are areas you easily miss yet they can make a big difference.

Take some time to clean your windows so that they let in more natural light in.  Grout is another thing you can easily miss. You also need to eliminate tile grout that is another major turn off and give your bathroom and kitchen a new look. All you need to do is soak the area you want to remove grout with bleach for an hour before rinsing it off.

  • Touch up your interior paint
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It is common to find that the interior of your house has wear and tear after a few years of occupancy. From moving furniture to kids drawings on the wall and pets, you are likely to find various spots that need attention before you can open up your home for viewing to potential buyers.

Introducing a fresh lick of paint to your interior will make a huge difference. Just ensure that you get the tight shade of the tan you last used so that you maintain uniformity.

  • Mow the lawn

Having a lawn that is well mowed will go a long way towards making a lasting first impression. Therefore, ensure that you do it well by setting the blades right so that you are not cutting the grass so close to the dirt that will show through. You can introduce herbicides where there is crab grass and invasive weeds as these tend to make the lawn appear neglected thus turning off potential buyers.

  • Make sure everything is working

Take your time to go through various fixtures in the home to check that they are all in good working condition. Make sure towel racks, loose door knobs and cabinet handles are firmly fixed in place. Replace any burnt out light bulbs and grease any squeaking wheels. Potential buyers are looking forward to things that are working.

  • Display your address

Having a proper display of your address is important especially when you want buyers to find your property quickly. Ensure your address is at a strategic location as this shows you are taking pride in your home. Moreover, it also makes you more sociable.

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If you are not ready to engage in these five things, you might as well sell your house to a property buying company specializing in quick house sales. These companies usually purchase your property regardless of its status.

Thus, by selling your house through a quick house sale, you can be sure to avoid the stress and risks associated with delays in the market while also saving on time. Furthermore, you will not end up in a chain because you are guaranteed of selling your house fast regardless of its current condition.  With a quick house sale, you are sure of getting your money within a short time as the opposed to selling on the property market where your listing can stay for a long time.


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