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6 Tips For Selling Your House At A Great Rate

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Every real estate agent knows that the longer the home is on the market, the higher the probability of getting a lower offer. There’s a reason why this is a well-known fact. If you want more value, it is essential to sell the house as fast as possible. But how can that be done? Worry not, because we have summed up six brilliant tips that will help you get your house sold ASAP.

Make Use of Technology
You should know that the internet is the driving force behind all types of sales, including real estate. A survey result showed that 44 percent of prospective buyers started their house hunt online. So if you wish to sell your property, you have to tap into the online platforms wisely. Keep in mind that mobile devices are the most popular method to browse the web these days. People choose their smartphones and tablets over any other type of Internet-connected gadget. So when you put your home on the market, take into consideration that people will most likely be looking at it from their mobile phones. Therefore, be careful with your home’s photos. They should be of high-resolution if you wish to get the right value of your home. They have to be clear and sharp to stand out on mobile devices. Do bear in mind that if your photos don’t impress the buyers, they will not bother to call and ask for a showing at all.

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent
Once you decide to sell your home, hire a successful real estate agent because they will act as the main point of contact for you and any potential buyers. They will be the one to craft your listing, schedule showings, and market your property. Research shows that homes that sell without a real estate agent get sold for much less than homes that are sold by experienced real estate agents. The simple reason behind it is that selling your home without an agent is a lot of hard work, is quite risky, and is time-consuming as well.

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Be Smart About the Listing Price
It is logical to list your home for a high price because buyers are bound to attempt to lower it down. However, that is not how it works most of the time because more often than not, buyers don’t have the time nor patience to find homes that will require negotiations. So even though listing your home at a high price looks like a sensible strategy to get your desired price, it carries an assumption that buyers will make an offer that can be negotiated.

Listing your home for a high rate may mean that buyers won’t consider it further. Then, if nobody bids on your home, there are chances that it will become a stale listing. And if you stay on the market for too long without any bids, there is quite a big chance that you will end up with a much lower price in the end. So the best thing you can do is to look at the prices of other homes in the area and price your home accordingly when you list it for sale. If you list the home according to market value, you are likely to start a bidding war, which will likely increase your chances to receive an offer that’s close to or even higher than the price that you listed.

Keep in Touch With Your Online Friends
If you are selling something, even a home, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to list it on social media. Statistics show that over 2 billion people worldwide use Facebook, which makes it one of the most influential social media platforms for marketing. On average, each Facebook user has more than 200 Facebook friends with whom they share photos and personal information. So by sharing your home listing on Facebook, you’re reaching out to hundreds of people. If you get your Facebook friends to share your post, you get to reach their networks, too!

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Avoid Shortcuts
When you want to sell your home quickly, don’t cut corners. Make use of technology, hire a top real estate agent, and present your home as a castle.

Appearance is Key
And last is the presentation. It is one of the most critical factors to get your home sold at an unmatched price. There are two scenarios in which a home is viewed in: vacant and non-vacant. And in both cases, it is essential to appeal to people’s emotions.

Get these updates done to your house to appeal to your potential buyers:

Declutter and depersonalise
Give the walls a fresh coat of paint
Hire a landscaper and fix your yard
Replace the old carpets with new ones
Update the light fixtures
Update appliances if necessary and if you have the budget

These crucial updates give your home a brand new look and feel, which will increase the chances of a sale. And this clean and fresh look will surely touch their heart and impress their eyes. And if the house is vacant, don’t worry – you can get a stager to expedite the selling process.

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