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9 Steps To A Quicker House Sale

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If you’ve never sold a property before, chances are you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of things you have to handle. It isn’t easy to handle the ins and outs of selling a property without a professional handling it for you. Even with one, however, the process can still be difficult to understand.

Wondering how to sell your home without combusting from the stress? Here are nine simple steps:

Determine how you’re going to sell
Before you actually move on to selling, you have to determine how you’re going to sell. You have tour basic options: a physical estate agent, an online estate agent, on your own, or with the help of a quick-sell provider. There is no right or wrong answer for this situation – it simply depends on your needs. If you choose to work with a real estate agent, make sure you hire someone who has a good reputation and who you trust fully. Selling a house often takes time – you want to make sure that you’re getting through it with someone who you can get along with.

Get a valuation
The second step is to get a valuation. Without a valuation, you won’t be able to set a sale price. You can do this with the help of your real estate agent. In the case that you don’t have one, however, you can use an online valuation company. A home valuation will give you the approximate value of your price. However, you can tweak it up and down according to your needs. Buyers will usually negotiate for a lower price. It isn’t uncommon for home sellers to set their prices higher than their valuations so that there’s space for negotiation.

Prepare your estate
If potential buyers will be stopping by to take a look at your estate, make sure you prepare it beforehand so that it’s at its best. If your home hasn’t been painted in a while or there’s a damaged part of the floor, it may be a good idea to repaint or have a repair done early on. Buyers love a light or a neutral color. Many also love natural light. Use this knowledge to your advantage by opening the house up to natural light and making sure the walls are a nice color. If you feel like your space looks a little cramped, consider adding a few mirrors to open it up even more.

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Hire a solicitor
Solicitors are legal professionals who play an important role in easing the selling process and registering your buyers as the new owners. The legal aspect of selling a house can be challenging, particularly if you’re new to the process. Solicitors often are expensive, but they’ll make the process a lot less stressful.

Get an offer
There’s a lot of waiting involved in the process of selling a home. This is particularly true when you’re selling through a real estate agent. It isn’t too hard to garner up some interest in your property. Sealing the deal, however, is going to be a lot more challenging. The purchase process for a home is long and arduous. You never know when an offer is going to fall through.

Discuss the terms
After you’ve received an offer, you’ll have to spend some time with your solicitor going over the little details. This includes the fixtures and fittings included in the sale, the duration of time between exchange and completion, and more. The buyer is likely to have plenty of questions that may take time to answer.

Sign the deal
The stage in the selling process where contracts are exchanged and signed is also referred to as the exchange. If the buyer backs out at this point, they’ll lose their deposit.

Transfer the ownership
During the contract signing stage, both you and your buyer would have agreed on a completion date, also known as the date when ownership is passed. Your solicitor will help you register this transfer of ownership with the land registry. The monies and deed will also have to be transferred by either side. The seller of the land will have to be completely moved out by this date.

Complete payment
After all the associated monies from the buyer have been transferred to the solicitor, it’s time to complete payment by paying off the mortgage. Afterward, your solicitor’s duties have been completed and you will be billed for their services.

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