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GDPR And Your Data Explained


GDPR is coming. Is the ‘quick sale’ industry ready?

On May 25th 2018 the way businesses advertise online will change – hopefully for the better. The ICO (Information Commissions Office) is to refresh is data protection license (which was created in 1998) with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) – a new set of guidelines as to how businesses should handle data.

The property industry is no exception to these changes, and property buying companies and estate agents need to abide by them or face hefty fines from the ICO for failing to do so. So what does that mean for you as a consumer in an industry that is already filled with companies that don’t always deliver on what they say? Our guidelines below should illustrate what you need to look for when visiting a property website to sell your home.

Direct company or ‘compare the market’ website?

The first thing that you want to establish when submitting your details on a website to sell your house is if you are submitting on a website of an actual company or a company that is going to pass your details onto another company. Neither of these are right or wrong you just need to be clear as to where the information you provide is going to end up. GDPR states that there should be a clear privacy policy that should tell you exactly what is going to happen to your data when you submit a form.

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It also states that you need to make an informed decision that you agree to the policy (eg a tick box).

If you enquire on a website about selling your home, then get multiple calls from mortgage companies, PPI agencies and calls about being in a car accident – it’s clear that the company you submitted your details on are selling your data. If this is in their privacy policy and it clearly states who your details have been passed to – then as long as you made an informed decision for this, they are in the clear after GDPR. However, if they sold your details without your consent the company could be liable.

If the company site you have submitted on is not a ‘compare’ type site, or an affiliate site; they still need to clearly state what they will be doing with your data. The possibilities where your information will end up are endless but could include:

  1. Being sold on to third party agencies
  2. Being sold to irrelevant services
  3. Being marketed to my email
  4. Being added to a newsletter
  5. Being text message marketed to regularly.

All of these examples are all ok, as long as it’s clearly indicated what happens to the data, and who gets access to the data every step of the way in the companies’ privacy policy.

Who or what is the ICO and can I check if a company is registered?

The ICO is the information commissioners office and they regulate all forms of data collection and advertising to the general public. If you submit your details on a website of any kind, that website owner should have an ICO licence that states which websites they are responsible for.

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For example Ready Steady Sell is owned by Way of The Website and the ICO licence we hold can be seen here:-

If you are considering using a quick sale company, a good starting point is to check to see if they are registered with the ICO. You can do that here –  

Can I see what details a property company hold against me?

Under GDPR you are entitled to access any information a company holds on you without any cost. We hold a record of all enquiries on Ready Steady Sell. This will include your IP address and data a time you submitted our form. All of this is freely available by email us at


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