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Every property has an average market value, but this value will fluctuate depending on many factors. Some of these factors are uncontrollable. For example, it’s hard to control the quality of the construction and the development plan.

On the other hand, the quality of your window frames, your landscape design, and the overall state of your property are factors that can affect the market value that you can definitely control. In this article, we’ll discuss six things you can do to make sure you get the best price for your property:

1. Be reasonable
If you’re selling your home at a higher price than the surrounding properties, you have to have a reason for it. You can’t expect buyers to take you seriously if you’re listing your property at 30% more than the average home in the neighbourhood. Sure, if you’re selling your home fully-equipped and you’ve already done all the fixings you can, you can raise the price up, but you have to be reasonable. If you’re not sure what the average property value in your area is, look it up on the listing sites.

2. Eliminate your biases
People often have a bias towards their properties, and that’s usually not a good thing for your quotes. If you’re the one who fixes everything around the house by yourself, you may include your labour in the listing price. This usually makes the price goes way above the market value, so you have to be honest with yourself. You can charge extra for the repairs, but don’t go overboard with it.

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3. Use strategic price points.
It’s the same trick as the items in the supermarket shelf that’s priced at £4.99 instead of £5.00. This minute difference is inconsequential in monetary term, but it plays with our sense of number. When we see that it’s not quite $5, we associate it with the idea of it being cheaper than it actually is. You can use the same tactic to sell your property. For example, if you’re looking to sell your house at £150,000, you can list it at £149,900. This price point will probably attract as many people as £145,900 would, but a lot more than £150,000.

4. Start your negotiation high before coming to a middle ground
You want people to negotiate for a price, so it’s fair to set the price high and claim it’s negotiable. This makes it easier to look for a buyer for that price point, as people are more likely to feel like the price that they come to at the end of the negotiation is fairer.

5. Include appraisal history in your listing page
People are hesitant to buy a property that hasn’t been appraised or inspected, so you want to make sure you include all the inspection history in your listing. This will put the buyer’s mind at ease, as they won’t have to worry about overlying issues once they move into the house. This sense of trust and honesty will help you to be able to argue for a higher price during the negotiation.

6. It’s okay to fail
We can tell you all we want about how to do a property listing, but you won’t learn as much as if you were to do it yourself. You have to remember that it’s okay to fail, as you can’t expect every property sale to go smoothly. There are always bumps and hitches along the way, but the important part is that you learn from it and you come out of the deal a smarter person than you were before. You have to actively think about how to fix the issues and how you can get a higher price for your property. Market and consensus research are some of the best ways to help you learn what the norms are for the property market in your area, and those are good places to start your research.

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