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If you plan on selling your home and don’t have much time on hand, there are a few tips that you should follow to help it sell quickly while still getting the highest value possible. Let’s take a look!

Give the house a fresh coat of paint
When they say that the first impression is the last impression, they are not wrong. Help create a good first impression for your viewers by giving your home a fresh coat of paint. Opt for neutral shades because they make your house look bigger and brighter. Buyers would be a lot more willing to move in and use the rooms immediately if the rooms were painted a neutral colour. If you do want to add some personality, however, you can consider painting the front door in a bright special colour for a vibrant look.

Tidy up the garden
Impress your viewers by ensuring that your garden looks neat and tidy too. So trim the bushes, cut the grass, and clean the patio and the outdoor furniture before people come by.

Get rid of the excess stuff
Decluttering is an important step when you are selling the house. So get rid of all the things that you do not need anymore and have accumulated in the house over the years. Consider removing heavy furniture that could make a room look small and replace it with smaller furniture that will add some open space to your home. You can either sell the things or give them away to someone who needs them. This empties up a lot of space and helps prospective buyers imagine how it would be living in there. However, do not make the house look like a hotel. Keep the things that could add to the persona of the house or speak of your excellent taste.

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Make the necessary repairs
Get the required minor repairs done before putting your house on sale. Broken doorknobs, holes in walls, cracked tiles, holes in walls, and torn carpets usually don’t take too much to fix but they’ll add quite a bit of value for buyers. Also, do not forget to get rid of limescale in washrooms, wax wooden floors, clean and repair tile grout, and get rid of all odours with a deep clean and a refreshing spray. You could even set a reed diffuser out on a side table to add a pleasant aroma to the environment. A clean living space adds to the appeal and attracts buyers.

Make the place look light and airy
First and foremost, clean the windows and repair broken bulbs. Making the house look light and airy can help your property get sold faster. Wall mirrors make a room look bigger so consider putting one in the hallway or the smaller rooms. Ensure that all dark corners are lit. You can even put a soft lamp in the washroom to add a warm glow.

Upgrade the kitchen
The kitchen is the most important place for the queen of the house, so you need to ensure that it looks incredible. Consider refacing your kitchen cabinetry, which is cheaper than installing new ones. Declutter the surfaces, move out the large appliances, upgrade the plumbing fixtures, and get new kitchen countertops. While all of this may come at an expense, it could definitely help you sell your property sell faster and for a higher price.

Make the house look pretty
Don’t opt for shortcuts when it comes to decorating the home. Make sure the windows have curtains or blinds. If you don’t want to invest a lot of money, buy cheap ones from Ikea or other stores. Other options are plants and flowers. You can also place a bowl of fruits on the kitchen countertop.

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Ensure that the house smells right
A musty or unpleasant odour in the home could easily turn off a prospective buyer. So, instead of trying to cover them up with room fresheners and the like, fix the source of the smell. Clean drains and bins, get rid of furniture that is embedded with cigarette smoke, wash old bedsheets, and open all the windows for some fresh air. You can also try placing bowls of vinegar in the house for three days to get rid of stale cigarette smell or brew fresh coffee for the guests. Always remember that a house that smells good looks good too.

Light a fire
If it’s a chilly day or a cold evening, light a fire. You can add a few pine cones to bring out a fragrant smell. A fire warms up your home and makes it look comfy and inviting. If you cannot light a fire, you can at least ensure that the fireplace is clean.

Showing the property to buyers
Choose a good estate agent to show your property. They are professionals and know what things need to be said, the things that need to be highlighted, the things that need to be downplayed, and can give the right answers to tricky questions.

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