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A fast home sale in Lower Cockshutt? Our guide from a recent acquisition.

Here at Ready Steady Sell we often issue a report about a fast property sale in a certain area, occasionally.

There are particular areas where our cash fund search for when deciding on buying a house for cash and can often give higher prices if the city is right. This particular guide looks at a recent acquisition of a apartment in Lower Cockshutt.

Selling your property quick in Lower Cockshutt

In Lower Cockshutt, Shropshire there are hundreds of properties for sale on the property market, and finding a cash buyer for your property can prove time consuming. In fact, we know ourselves that the most average estate agent home sale in Lower Cockshutt will take you about 6 months to accomplish. This is not great if you are considering a fast property sale, and this should be where we can assist. Our latest house sale in Lower Cockshutt took just 20 days, and we are sure that is quicker than the quick sale industry average for buying houses for cash.

Selling your house for a cash sale in Lower Cockshutt does not conclusively mean you need consider a substantial discount off the value either, as Readysteadysell’s cash buying team are now offering a lot more for property in Shropshire. We are mainly offering on properties with a market value of priced around £250,000.

Deciding to sell a house for a cash offer in Lower Cockshutt

Quick home sale companies like are usually a solid option when you aim to sell your house fast, and latest house sale in Lower Cockshutt was a top price sale.

Mrs Sykes needed £200,995 for their 3 bedroomed detached house in Lower Cockshutt to escape a chain they were trapped in. The house owner had been on the open market with a local Lower Cockshutt estate agent for the past 6 months, without even a single buyer interested. We were able to offer him the price he needed, and he was able to complete on a sale in a matter of days.

Example house sale information in Lower Cockshutt:-

Location: Lower Cockshutt, Shropshire, WV16
Property type: 2 bedroomed detached flat
Reason for sale: downsizing
Time on the open market before accepting a cash offer: 6 months
Estimated market value: £105,999
We paid: 23 percent lower than market value
Sale time: 8 days

Our buyers are always after more properties like this one in Lower Cockshutt and always the money waiting to buy property.

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