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A fast property sale in New Buildings? Our brief from a recent purchase.

At we choose to put out a guide about selling a property quickly in a particular area, every so often.

There are certain cities where our cash fund hope for when it comes to a cash property purchase and often pay more cash if the place is right. This case study looks at a recent purchase of a home in New Buildings.

Selling any home quick in New Buildings

In New Buildings, Devon there are many properties to choose on the market, and finding a buyer for your house can often be hard. In fact, we know first hand that the top agency sale in New Buildings often takes close to 5 months to get through. This is not great if you are hoping for a quick home sale, and this should be where we can assist. Our last house sale in New Buildings was secured in just 10 days, and we know that is higher than the industries average for quick house sales.

Selling your property for quick cash in New Buildings won’t incessantly mean you have to accept a massive discount either, as our home buyers are currently offering better prices for homes in Devon. We are hopefully offering on properties with a market value of priced around £300,000.

Deciding to sell a house for a cash sale in New Buildings

Quick sale companies similar to ReadySteadySell are generally a excellent option when you want to sell your property fast, and latest sale in New Buildings was a flying success.

Miss Hardy needed £195,500 for their 3 bed terraced property in New Buildings to assist with the purchase of another property. The house owner had been on the open market with a local New Buildings estate agent for the past 6 months, without even a single buyer interested. We were able to offer him the price he needed, and he was able to complete on a sale in a matter of days.

Example property sale facts in New Buildings:-

Location: New Buildings, Devon, EX17
Property type: 5 bedroomed empty bungalow
Reason for sale: release equity
Time on the open market before accepting a cash offer: 8 months
Estimated market value: £305,000
We paid: 26 per cent lower than market value
Sale time: 13 days

Our buyers are always looking for more homes like this particular vendor in New Buildings and currently the funds waiting to buy your home.

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