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Selling a home quickly in Cadmore End? Our testimony from a recent acquisition.

At Ready Steady Sell we often output a brief about selling a house fast in a specific town, when we can.

There are particular towns where our buyers search for when deciding on buying property for cash and often pay better prices if the place is right. This report will be looking at a recent acquisition of a detached house in Cadmore End.

Selling your house fast in Cadmore End

In Cadmore End, Buckinghamshire there are hundreds of homes to choose on the property market, and finding a purchaser for your property can be difficult. In truth, we have experienced ourselves that the best estate agent sale in Cadmore End will take about 8 months to complete. This is not great if you are hoping for a fast home sale, and this might be where we can help. Our most recent property sale in Cadmore End was over in just 12 days, and we are informed that is better than the quick sale industry average for buying homes quickly.

Selling your home for cash in Cadmore End won’t conclusively mean you should think about a big discount either, as Readysteadysell’s home buyers are always offering better prices for homes in Buckinghamshire. We are mainly searching for properties valued around £220,000.

Should you sell your home for a cash sale in Cadmore End

We buy any house companies like are often a good choice when you aim to sell your house fast, and our last house sale in Cadmore End was a good one.

Miss Rice needed £102,500 for their 4 bed terrace house in Cadmore End in order to clear his debts. The client had been on the open market with a local Cadmore End estate agent for the past 6 months, without even a single buyer interested. We were able to offer him the price he needed, and he was able to complete on a sale in a matter of days.

Example house sale facts in Cadmore End:-

Location: Cadmore End, Buckinghamshire, HP14
Property type: 2 bedroomed semi-detached flat
Reason for sale: divorce
Time on the open market before accepting a cash offer: 10 months
Estimated market value: £205,999
We paid: 25 percent lower than market value
Sale time: 18 days

Our investors are always after more homes like this in Cadmore End and have the money at hand to buy property.

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