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If you are thinking of selling your house in Ashford, you need to begin by recognizing that there are many other houses on sale at any given time. This calls for you to come up with a strategy that will appeal to prospective buyers and make your property visible in the face of stiff competition. Here is an invaluable guide to selling your house fast in Ashford.

The property market in Ashford has experienced a recent price growth that is nothing short of exceptional. The good news is that this is expected to continue over the next five years. However, if your goal is to sell your house quickly, then the open property market does not offer you any guarantees.

Thus, instead of selling your property through an estate agent, you might as well sell to a quick house sale company like Ready Steady Sell. Unlike estate agents that mediate the sale process in the open property market, this company will buy your property regardless of its condition for up to 100 percent of its market value. Ready Steady Sell buys property directly from owners thereby shortening the time it takes to complete a transaction, usually a matter of days.

Set a Competitive Asking Price for your House in Ashford

With the steep rise in the price of property in Ashford, you are likely to be sitting on a goldmine if you purchased your house five years ago. House prices have seen a rise from an average of £95,000 in 1995 to a whooping £330,000 in 2014. Interestingly, the average price of a flat in Ashford has gone down by at least £5,000 over a period of 10 years between 2005 and 2014. Based on the current trend, the house price growth is expected to reach double digits between now and the end of a decade.

Ironically, wage levels have not risen at the same rate, as house prices especially in parts of Kent meaning buyers are exceptionally cautious when coming up with asking prices for their property in Ashford. If you are aiming at enticing a reasonable number of potential buyers to come and view your property, be sure to set an asking price that is highly competitive. The optimum asking price you can set for your home largely depends on the recent sold prices of property on your street.

Setting an asking price that is too high means you will not generate adequate interest in the property. On the other hand, an asking price that is too low might permanently destroy your chances of attaining the property’s full market value. This means you must take time to do some careful research on the sold prices in order determine the reasonable amount that you can fetch in an open market.

Although estate agents are a good bet when it comes to carrying out the research on the sold prices, you can carry out the research independently using resources and tools that are freely accessible. Some of the online resources where you can find information on sold property include Prime Location and Rightmove that have a wealth of information on house sales in Ashford. You can also access official data on property transaction via the Land Registry web portal. You may also enter your postcode on the Zoopla website to view sold house prices for property on your street.

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Why you need a Powerful Marketing Strategy When Selling a House in Ashford

Ashford is ranked among towns within the commuter belt that have been successful in terms of average property values. Generally, commuters are able to get to London within 40 minutes with the annual train season ticket valued at less than £3,000. These factors have pushed the demand for homes up. Even then, there are issues that could hold back future demand for property. They include an end to the government’s Help to Buy Scheme, a slowing economy, the prospect of rising interest rates and an increase in the stamp duty. All these may make selling property in Ashford difficult for the next few years. Thus, despite the strong outlook of the local property market, be sure to pursue a comprehensive approach to marketing to sell a house in Ashford.

Currently, the property market in Ashford is at a good place. Homes are selling relatively quickly with the average price being in excess of the national average. In fact, you can sell your house without an estate agent. However, by going it alone in the open market, you will also miss a number of things. For instance, an estate agent will provide in-depth knowledge of the local market, time, experience as well as a network of marketing contacts. When combined, these attributes convert to a hefty premium. Ultimately, you should only sell your house in Ashford privately if you know what you are doing and have the time the process requires.

In case you are faced with an issue that requires you to sell your property quickly, thinking about the open market that is unpredictable will certainly leave you in fear. The good news is that you can stay clear of advertising, marketing, protracted price negotiations and property viewings by selling your property to Ready Steady Sell.

At Ready Steady Sell, we buy houses in Ashford for an average price of between 90 and 94 percent of their market value. Furthermore, we complete the transactions in just a matter of days. Thus, whether you are facing repossession, are due to relocate for a new job or you are simply trying to eliminate stress and uncertainty associated with selling houses the traditional way, Ready Steady Sell will accommodate your needs.

When should you Sell your House in Ashford?

Although house prices in Ashford rise and fall, there is no evidence linking this change to the changing seasons. As such, you can only delay the sale of your property if you are well informed of an imminent regeneration development or project within your area that is likely to result in an increase in the local house prices. Although demand may spike at different times of the year, it is impossible to predict when demand will be highest. Thus, if the number of houses sold in Ashford in January peaked in July, there is no guarantee that the trend will be repeated.

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Although increasing the market value of your property may be impossible, you can make seasonal changes to sell the home quickly. One of the ways of achieving this is adapting your home’s décor, layout and amenities to the prevailing season. This should attract more people to view the property and eventually buy. Some of the changes include implementing energy efficiency measures during winter and creating a beautiful garden.

Factors Affecting House Prices in Ashford

Property analysts have predicted house price growth in Ashford by the end of the decade. Even then, before you settle your price expectations, keep in mind that Ashford is a large modern city with numerous districts and neighbourhoods. Therefore, do not take anything for granted rather, do a house price research and set your expectations as well as your initial asking price from an informed point of view.

To generate a marketing plan that is effective, you need to assess the multiple issues that can increase the prices of property in a given locality. This lets you target specific groups of buyers when searching for a premium. For instance, if your property is within an area with a local school that has good OFSTED ratings, you are likely to secure a premium from buyers with children. Similarly, low crime rate areas are likely to have average price houses. Overall, be sure to assess issues specific to Ashford before setting the price of your property.

An Overview of Ashford Town

The town of Ashford is situated in the county of Kent and lies along the banks of River Great Stour. It is home to 75,000 people and enjoys an elaborate transport links into London and the larger South East England’s conurbation. The proximity to an international passenger station provides convenient and quick access to not only the capital but also mainland Europe.

Ashford has been on a steady growth course over the past 50 years owing to the government’s plan to attract businesses and house buyers to the town. Some of the recent changes that have breathed new economic life into Ashford include the building of the Ashford Designer Outlet, the County Square Shopping Centre and the redevelopment of the town as well as the old town.

Apart from a thriving retail sector, Ashford is home to a number of head offices, factories and processing plants. Some of the top employers in the town include Quest International, Premier Foods and Brake Brothers. A sizeable percentage of the local population travel to London for work every day. With the house prices in the capital soaring, the price of property in Ashford is expected to grow.

Ashford is busy hence perfect for those people that love shopping as you can find every imaginable retail brand at the County Square Shopping Centre or Ashford Designer Outlet. Music lovers can have a taste of some of the best melodies by visiting the restored St. Mary the Virgin Church whose name has since changed to Revelation St. Mary’s.

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If you prefer to be away from the hustle and bustle of the town in the countryside, make your way to the Ashford Green Corridor that is a nature reserve within the heart of town. Ashford town also hosts a number of restaurants, night spots and bowling. A variety of leisure amenities may be found at Eureka entertainment. History lovers can also learn about the history of Ashford at the Ashford Borough Museum or visit the resplendent Godlington House and Gardens.

If you need to sell your house fast in Ashford, the thought of selling in the open market can be terrifying. This is where Ready Steady Sell can help. We will buy houses for up to 100 percent of the market value within the shortest time compared to selling through an estate agent. Call us today to arrange for a free valuation and subsequent sale.

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