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The Burnley property market is always crowded with property for sale at any given time. This means, in order for you to sell your house fast you need to put in place a comprehensive marketing strategy as well as set an asking price that is highly competitive.

This guide explores the Burnley property market by looking into different factors that influence the market and how they can work for you when selling your house. Most importantly, we provide information about the market and how to find a buyer fast, when you need to sell your house quickly.

Burnley has struggled with the lack of investment as well as high unemployment for many years. As a result, house prices in and around the town have been far lower than the national average. In fact, property values in Burnley have relatively remained static even at a time when the house price growth in the areas around Greater Manchester have reached double digits. This is definitely good news especially if you are eager to sell your house fast.

If you want to sell your house fast in Burnley, you will do well to consider alternatives to the traditional house selling prices, which is where Ready Steady Sell comes in. We have been in the property market scene for many years and have helped many homeowners to sell their houses fast. In case you do not need help to sell your house, you do not need to worry as we also buy any house thus, you can achieve a quick house sale. We buy property on behalf of cash ready investors hence we are able to complete property transaction paperwork in just a matter of days. Moreover, we can get you a sale of up to 94 percent of the market value and never go back on the initial valuation and offer.

Why an initial competitive asking price is crucial when selling your house in Burnley

Over the past century, Burnley recorded its share of problems from social inequality to unemployment both of which have influenced the growth of property prices. Unfortunately, according to reports published in local daily in 2015, the situation is getting more and more complicated as Burnley was leading in the growth of asking prices during that year.

Although you should not set your asking price based on others in the area but the valuation of your property, the asking price of an average home in Burnley rose by a whopping 57% between January and May 2015. This is clearly an indication that the outlook for homeowners in the town is improving. Remember, that only Chelsea and Manchester in London recorded higher growth rates.

There is little doubt that the house prices are moving in the right direction across Burnley. However, local buyers are somewhat sensitive when it comes to pricing. If you need to sell your house fast in Burnley, you need to set the asking price of your house at the optimum level within your neighbourhood.

You will do well to carry out some research to specifically examine the recent sold prices in your area in Burnley if you are keen about garnering the interest of buyers in the open market. When you set an asking price that is too high, you can be sure you will scare off buyers before they even get to view the property. On the other hand, setting an asking price that is unreasonably low will permanently devalue your home in the eyes of local buyers.  

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While an estate agent will be the best bet to help you with the research, you can do your own research using different tools such as the Rightmove website. You can also access transaction data for your area in Burnley on Zoopla while official government statistics on recent house sales can be accessed on The Land Registry Website.

The Value of a thorough marketing strategy when selling your youse in Burnley

Employment levels in Burnley have been on a steady rise hence a newfound optimism among consumers in the area. As a result, the prices of houses have also recorded a modest rise even as demand has also risen significantly.

The data published on the Home website showed that it took an average of 255 days to sell a detached property in the Burnley property market in July 2014. A year later, the same house spend only 205 days on the market before a buyer was found. What does this mean? Well, if you are thinking of selling your house fast in Burnley fast, the next three to four years look quite promising.

Even then, it is important that you do not take the improvement in the market for granted. Remember, should interest rates rise again and when the new rules issued by the Bank of England on mortgage affordability begin to bite, there are chances that the demand will slow down. As such, you need to develop a comprehensive marketing approach.

Generally speaking, marketing your house for sale in Burnley is no mean feat. In fact, it is a complex time consuming process that involves various aspects such as photography, listing, home staging, price negotiations, property viewings and conveyancing among other things. As such, you should only take on this process yourself if you have the time as well as in-depth knowledge on the property market dealings.

Although selling a house without an estate agent is seen as a way of saving money, it often ends up being a costly undertaking especially if you do not know what you are doing. It is a fact that estate agents do not offer their services cheaply. However, they can leverage their understanding of the property market dynamics to unlock hidden value in homes through a combination of their contacts and knowledge.

Sometimes, your immediate need may be securing a sale as fast as possible before the house is due for repairs or in some instances, you are selling to avoid repossession. Regardless of your reasons for a quick house sale, Ready Steady Sell is willing to help you to save time as well as money by cutting through the open market.

We purchase homes in any condition for up to 100 percent of their market value. Furthermore, we use our experience to hasten the process so that you have the proceeds from the sale in your bank account within a week or two. Thus, you need to know the value of your house.

Adopting your House to the Prevailing Season to Sell Fast

It is often tempting to delay the sale of your house until such a time when you think it is profitable to sell your house. Sadly, evidence suggests that such a time does not exist. If anything, the number of buyers on the market can either decline or flow throughout the year even though this is not to say that the price potential will be affected directly.

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For instance, the busiest month in the sale of property in Burnley was May 2014. Even then, it is highly likely that the house sales will peak at different times of the year in future. The key to selling a house fast on the open market is ensure you garner as much interest. Thus, the more buyers you attract the more likely you are to have an offer made.

In addition, a couple of interested parties may begin to outbid each other effectively driving your sale price up. You will do well to invest in seasonal changes to your layout, décor as well as facilities in your home if you are to find a buyer quickly.

Examining issues that increase house prices in Burnley

The news headlines regarding the property values of in Burnley as well as the entire Lancashire often refer to the area as a whole even though they do not go into detail about the local house prices. Although it is true that the prices of property have generally stagnated it is important to research the detail of the housing market in Burnley before you reach any conclusions on the value of your home.

If you want to maximize the price potential of your property, ensure you are well informed about the recent house sales on your street. A competitive marketing plan will often take into account multiple issues that can potentially drive house prices up in a specific area. Among the significant issues that you must be aware of include proximity to great schools. Buyers with school going children might be persuaded to pay a premium to attain the privilege of getting their kids in a school with the consistency of good OFSTED reports.

Most of the buyers will also part with a little extra cash in order to live in an area with low crime rates. Some of the issues that can indirectly affect the price of houses in future include a major distribution centre for the area as well as the development of the prestigious ‘On Banks’ in Burnley.

An Overview of Burnley

Burnley town is located in Lancashire County to the North West of England. It strategically neighbours Manchester 21 miles to the North and Preston, 20 miles to the East. This town is thriving and has as strong reputation in the aerospace industry and manufacturing. The 2011 census put the population ate around 73,500.

Burnley was initially a collection of rural hamlets until the dawn of Industrial Revolution when it quickly started growing in size as well as stature due to the burgeoning textiles, cotton and engineering industries.

Unfortunately, the golden economic era for Burnley ended in the 20th century as the majority of the processing plants and traditional factories have since closed their doors. Even then, Burnley has managed to reverse its fortunes over the past few years. The new train links into central Manchester is expected to enable the town to compete on a level playing field with the other cities and towns within the North West.

Various regeneration developments and projects in Burnley earned the town the 2013 Enterprising Britain Award. In addition to the new train link, the ‘On the Banks’ development as well as a new aerospace supply village have created jobs effectively breathing new life into the entire area.

Although the closure of Michelin and BEP plants saw the levels of unemployment skyrocket, the situation has been far much better over the recent years. A number of high tech companies including aerospace specialists Safran Arcelle and GE have since set base in Burnley. Today, the retail sector is also thriving with the centre being the Charter Walk Shopping Centre and St. James Street.

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About Burnley

Although Manchester city centre is just a short ride away, there is plenty to see and do in Burnley. For instance, the stunning Towneley Hall that is a beautiful stately home dating back to the 16th century is a great place to explore the local history. You can enjoy a similar experience at the resplendent Gawthorpe Hall and there is a unique opportunity to delve into the industrial history at the Queen Street Mill Textile Museum.

You can also treat yourself to some relaxation and beauty treatments at The Woodland Spa even as you enjoy some stunning scenery. You can also combine a classic museum experience with a trip along Liverpool Canal and Leeds and a visit to the Weaver’s Triangle Visitor Centre that charts the history of cotton production in the area. You could also visit the picnic town of Towneley if you want to escape from the city life for a while. This is a perfect destination for relaxation as well as taking long strolls.

Although the prices of houses for sale in Burnley have recorded a steady rise over the past few months, it is not a guarantee for a quick house sale. Ready Steady Sell gives you the guarantee of bypassing various stages in the house sale process such as marketing and viewing as we purchase the house directly from you with assurance of wiring the proceeds from the sale to your account within a matter of days. Call us today and speak to a property expert.


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