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There are always many houses that are up for sale in the Torquay property market at any given time. As such, if you are planning to sell your house then you need to set a competitive initial asking price. In addition, you must come up with a comprehensive marketing strategy that will ensure you sell your house fast. Otherwise, you will do well to sell to a quick house sale company like Ready Steady Sell. This guide covers invaluable tips and advice that will help you sell your house fast on the local property market in Torquay.

Torquay has recorded exceptional growth rate of house prices over the past few years. The search for affordable seaside properties and regeneration projects has made Torquay a property hotspot in South West England. Even then, the memories of the 2008 and 2009 house price falls are still fresh in memories of many locals.

If you are planning to sell your house fast in Torquay, perhaps you need to consider the alternatives to the traditional way of selling your house, which is where Ready Steady Sell comes in. We buy houses on behalf of various investors in the UK. This way, you will avoid the open property market yet be able to secure a sale for the fraction of time it would ordinarily take. What is more? We pay up to 100 percent of the value of your property regardless of the condition and do not go back against the initial offer we make at the last minute.

Reasons to Set a Competitive Asking Price when Selling your House in Torquay

It is no doubt that the house prices in Torquay are rising steadily with the average price of houses in Torbay and South Devon being among the most costly in the country. The recent growth in prices has made the area a significant property hotspot in UK, making it a great time to sell your house in this area. A 2014 article that was published on the Torquay Herald Express website, the prices of houses were expected to soar further between 2014 and 2019.

This is great news if you are intending to sell your house in Torquay. However, you should not take the ability to make a profitable sale fast for granted. This is because after the turmoil that was experienced by the Credit Crunch, homebuyers are still wary of paying over the odds for residential property in Torquay. Thus, to generate much interest in your property, you need to set an initial asking price that is not only competitive but also realistic with regard to your locality.

The maximum asking price for your area will usually be dictated by the price of houses sold recently. Therefore, you will do well to find out what people are willing to pay for houses along your street so that you have an idea of how much your initial asking price should be. Even then, you need to be careful not to set it too high, as this could be an impediment to generating interest in your property and attracting people to view property. In order to come up with your asking price, you need to research sold prices extensively. This is crucial when left to estate agents or even a professional house buying service like Ready Steady Sell or better still but you can do it on your own with the help of various resources as well as online tools. For example, you can find the sold house prices for Torquay on Rightmove or Zoopla by entering your post code. These sites let you access data on property transaction for your street. The government also published official house sale statistics on the Land Registry site.

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The Value of a Comprehensive Marketing Approach when Selling your House in Torquay

Even though the prices of property in Torquay is rising, the number of buyers on the market has sharply declined over the recent months. Data that is available on the home website suggests that the time houses spent on the Torquay property market in September 2015 went up by five percent from September of the previous year. It is worth mentioning that during this period, there was a huge fall in demand for terraced houses. While houses were spending an average of 123 days on the market in September 2014, the same houses spent at least 173 days on the market the following year signifying 41 percent increase. With such challenging conditions, a comprehensive marketing strategy is definitely essential.

Even though there is nothing wrong with selling your house without an estate agent, it is not advisable owing to the unpredictability of the demand for homes in Torquay. Thus, if you need to sell your house fast in Torquay the best option would be working with an estate agent in Torquay. Although the estate agent fee may be expensive, you will do well to consider the benefits and attributes that the agent will bring  on the table that include negotiating skills, local knowledge, time, technical expertise and contacts.

These attributes have the potential of adding value to your property that makes the cost of hiring an agent worth it especially in light of the unpredictable nature of the market. Consequently, you should only consider selling your house privately if you have the contacts, time as well as knowledge required.

At Ready Steady Sell, we have built a reputation of buying houses quickly so do not shy from selling to us today. Whether you are attempting to stop an impending repossession by the bank, are avoiding repairs, or are moving to a new job, selling your home to Ready Steady Sell will save you both money and time.

We purchase houses for wealthy investors in different parts of the UK. As such, we strive to process transactions with a week or two and pay up to 100 percent of the market value of your house. In fact, we have a track record of paying between 90 and 94 percent of the value of your home. At Ready Steady Sell, we take pride in never going against the formal valuation at the last minute in the sale process.

What is the Profitable Time to Sell your House in Torquay?

The answer to this question is simple. There is no particular time of the year that is associated with an increase in house prices. Although demand can go up during certain time of the year, it is not easy to predict the exact months. For instance, the price of property in Torquay shot up in October 2015, the same cannot be expected for the coming months or even years. Even then, you may want to take into account certain things like upcoming specific infrastructure development as well as a regeneration plan that is scheduled for the future. This is important especially if you are looking to delay the sale of your house to achieve a high price.

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To take advantage of the season, be sure to make some seasonal changes to suit the time when you are selling the house. For instance, you could consider changing the colour scheme, features as well as the layout of the home. While these changes may not necessarily have a direct impact on the value of your home, they are definitely guaranteed to increase the appeal. Thus, during summer you can ensure that the outdoor areas and the gardens are well maintained. Conversely, ensure that you create a warm and inviting ambience during winter while taking into account energy efficiency measures.

External Factors that are likely to influence the Prices of Houses in Torquay

Torquay is a large town comprising of multiple neighbourhoods that experience varying degrees of house price growth. Thus, before you make any serious decisions regarding the sale of your house, you need to gather adequate information on the current trends in the property market on different streets. Of great importance, check the sold prices. You can obtain this information on sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla so that you do not miss important information regarding the value of your property.

Several issues are likely to influence the price of your house positively within your locality. Thus, knowing these issues is the key to obtaining extra value from your property. A good example would be if your house is located in close proximity to a school that features regularly in upper echelons of OFSTED league tables. It is not surprising that some buyers may be persuaded to pay a premium for your home. If crime levels are low within your locality, this can also be a selling point that has a positive influence on the price of your house. Other issues that are specific to this town include the Torquay Harbour Area Action Plan.

Overview of Torquay

Torquay lies on the Devonshire coast to the South West of England. It is part of the unitary authority area of Torbay and is 18 miles from the city of Exeter and just 28 miles from Plymouth. Generally, Torquay is the most populated area of Torbay with a population of about 65,000 people.

This town has grown around the fishing industry until the 19th century when it began gaining popularity as a seaside holiday resort. Consequently, beautiful marinas and buildings started coming up along its coastline earning it the nickname”The English Riviera”. However, this did not last for long as the tourism industry started waning in the 20th century. It is not until recently that this industry made a come back.

The struggling tourism industry resulted in high unemployment rate that exceeded the national average in 2001. Although many people were employed at Pontin’s holiday camp, the property was later sold off and they lost their jobs. Currently, the local economy of Torquay is dominated by the service sector even as the tourism industry still plays a significant role in job creation.

Sights and Sounds of Torquay

In 2007, Torquay was designated as a Global Geopark meaning there are many stunning areas of natural beauty that you can explore. There are also exciting activities that you can engage in that include kayaking, fishing, diving and coasteering. If you are looking for something that offers a little more relaxation or you simply want to spend a few more hours soaking up the sun on the beach.

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You can also explore various species of bird and marine life at the Living Coasts attraction. You could also take an aerial view the Devonshire coast that is stunning from HiFlyer helium balloon. If you love history, take time to explore the ancient homes that carved out by the early humans from the Stone Age at Kents Cavern or enjoy more modern activities along the sea front that hosts amusement arcades, restaurants and cafes. Lovers of literature will also not be left behind. Be sure to take time to explore the Agatha Christie mile that charts the early life of one of Britain’s most famous modern authors.

Overall, the prices of houses in Torquay has be rising steadily over the past months, but this is not a guarantee of a profitable and speedy sale. Thus, if you want to sell your house fast in Torquay, take advantage of the quick house sale service offered by Ready Steady Sell. Call us now to arrange for a non-obligatory valuation and we will buy your house within 7 days.

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