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Get a free instant online offer for your property in under 30 seconds, and get up to 100% with our market leading quick house sale service!

We buy any house fast for cash, in any location, whatever the condition.
Sell your house quickly with no fuss with our guaranteed best price cash offer!

No Fees To Pay

We have multiple options to help you sell your home. Regardless of how quickly you need to sell we do not charge any fees to you as a seller like some companies.

Best Prices Paid

We are a family run business and therefore have less overheads than many larger quick house sale companies. This enables us to pay better prices than anyone else.

Genuine Cash Sale

Established in 2010 we have been in the market for some time, and we are a able to offer a genuine quick cash purchase if you need it. No contracts, no fees - just cash.

Sell In 7 Days

We can complete on a sale in as little as 7 days or in a timeframe that suits you. Regardless of the price you need or the timeframe you want to sell in, we can help.

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Simply enter your postcode on our website and receive your free no obligation quote to start the quick house sale process.

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Agree on our price and you are free to choose a day to complete on your sale. Remember, you will pay no fees during this process.

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Completing on your sale is done swiftly with no complications. You decide the date and funds are paid directly in your bank account.

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I’m Ready To Sell My House Fast – How Can Ready Steady Sell Help Me?

Ready Steady Sell are the UK’s leading cash property buying company. Regardless of your situation we can help you achieve a quick house sale for cash. As one of the only genuine cash house buyers and property investment specialists in the industry we can guarantee you a cash sale and money in the bank in as little as 7 days or in a timeframe that suits you.

Our online valuation tool is there for you to use to get an indicative offer on your property, and should you be happy with this offer and wishing to proceed with a sale – we will cover all valuation and legal costs.

As the industry leading company in Quick House Sales you can be assured you are going to get the best possible price for your property as well as be safe in the knowledge you are dealing with a company you can trust.

Selling your house fast is just a click away with Ready Steady Sell. We are genuine cash property buyers and we can buy your house for cash in just 24 hours. Get an offer online now!

We are one of the UK’s biggest property buyers and can buy property quickly in most areas of the UK. If you are looking to sell house fast, we have built this website to not only give you the chance to sell your house fast with us, but to also get access to all of our property experience.

Alternatively, if you are ready to sell now and want a cash offer from our service, just complete the form now!

Our system will instantly calculate a price for your home based on a number of factors that we take into consideration. One being how quick you need to sell, which is important for us to know.

If you are not looking to sell quickly, but still want to use our service, we still may be able to help you. We can’t guarantee you a buyer, but we will do everything possible to find one for you. Remember, our offering system is FREE, you could get 100% market value, and you pay no fees to sell with us. Just enter your details NOW.

If you are thinking about selling your house or currently on the market with an estate agent and struggling to find a buyer you are probably already aware that estate agents take on average 6 months to sell a property. At Ready Steady Sell, you can be assured in the fact you are dealing with a professional property purchaser with years of experience and a team who care deeply about each homeowner’s individual circumstances. We take our time to ensure all of our customers are happy with our service from start to finish, and our exceptional feedback shows this. Please click this link to read independent reviews collected about Ready Steady Sell.

At Ready Steady Sell our cash buying arm are full members of The Property Ombudsman. As a property buying company specialising in quick house sales, we are proud to be a part of a trustworthy service such as The Property Ombudsman, and our cash buying partners are founding members of a new house buying code specifically brought into play for the quick house sale industry. Trustworthy quick house sale companies are now able to join the scheme, and it’s a great way for customers to check on the validity of a fast house sale agency.

You are probably researching the fast house sale industry thoroughly before deciding on dealing with a particular company, and we for one don’t blame you. There are many companies claiming to buy 100% cash buyers; many companies making claims like ‘sell your house fast for full market value’ and some companies with such claims as ‘sell your house fast in 24 hours’. We suggest your starting point is visiting the following recognised and authority industry links before making any decisions:

Money Advice Service – free impartial advice on the quick house sale industry.

Citizen’s Advice – free and impartial advice regarding civil matters.

The Property Ombudsman – created to help ensure buyers and sellers had access to an independent service in the UK.

The National Association of Property Buyers – an independent service formed to make the property industry safer for everyone as mentioned above.

Net House Prices – providing sale history for UK properties.

Rightmove – one of the largest property portals with most major estate agents.

Zoopla – another one of the largest property portals with most major estate agents.

Once you have submitted your property details online, and received your free indicative house offer; a member of our cash valuation team will be in touch to discuss your offer in more detail. Using the information you provided in your online offer, as well as house price research – our valuation team will be able to give you a more solid cash figure, as well as discuss alternative options that you may not have considered when initially thinking about selling your property.

If you do decide that the cash offer we present to you is acceptable, we then proceed to value your property using an independent body known as RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). The cost of this valuation is usually around £500 which is something we cover – meaning you have nothing to pay. You are also under no-obligation to sell, regardless of what RICS value your property at. If you are selling for cash we cover all of your conveyancing costs.

Our cash offers are all based on estimates until RICS carry out an official valuation. Although our team are usually very accurate, and as we are experienced and time served know various areas and what the likely valuation is going to be. However, sometimes we do get it wrong, and our cash offers need to be adjusted accordingly. This is all done transparently, and we keep you informed every step of the way – so you are firmly in the driving seat.

Our cash buying arm are one of the biggest cash funds in the industry and we aim to provide a service that ensure customers are looked after from start to finish. We want to not only be able to offer the best prices in the industry, the best options and routes to sale and the best customer service; we also want our customers to feel comfortable and content in the options they choose with us. We help customer in all types of sale situations; such as divorce, repossessions, probate and broke chains. No matter what your reason for selling, we are here to help you.

We are very proud of the level of support we offer to our customers, and we feel Ready Steady Sell lead the way in the fast house sale industry. If you get the time please read our most recent testimonials from genuine happy customers of Ready Steady Sell.

If you have any further questions about our service you can email us at get in touch with us on Facebook or read our very detailed ‘how it works’ website page here.

You can also find all our contact information here, and if you are ready to proceed with an indicative cash offer, you can apply online for a free valuation by following this link.

We have multiple options you can use when it comes to selling, each with their own positives and negatives. Below is a summary of the options we have, and if you click the links beside them, you will get a full breakdown of how the process works.

Selling For Cash – this is our easiest sale method whereby we simply buy your house from you for cash. Regardless of the location or condition we will be able to buy your house from you and give you the funds within 7 days. 

Assisted Home Sale – with an assisted sale we work with you to get your house sold quickly on the open market by taking full control of the sale process. If this means we have to refurbish the property we will do so at our cost.

Quick Sale Estate Agency – sometimes our cash offers are not high enough or you don’t need to sell in such a hurry – but are still motivated to sell quickly. Our estate agency model is one of the best in the industry and can get you moving fast.

Lease Option – a lease option is where we take control of a property you own and agree to complete at a later date. This is great if you have negative equity in the property.

Selling At Auction – we work with one of the UK’s largest auction companies and can assist with a no sale no fee national auction of your home.

  1. Price Chipping

Some unscrupulous companies massively reduce their offer right at the last minute in a process known as ‘chipping’. In the hopes the seller will accept any price right at the point of completion the companies in question make unrealistic demands to the seller, which includes a huge discount on what they have already agreed. You can protect yourself from this by firmly asking for a written offer before agreeing to sell. Read more about chipping here.

  1. Lengthy contracts

Some quick sale companies offing a cash buying service don’t actually have the cash available to carry out a sale. Instead they try to tie customers into an estate agency type agreement in hopes they will find a buyer for the customer in a given timeframe. This stops the vendor using another estate agent and restricts them to waiting until the contract is over.

  1. Fee charging

A number of quick sale companies will try to charge a fee for a valuation. This fee is usually paid upfront and ranges from £150 to £500. We recommend only dealing with a cash buying firm that cover all of your initial costs such as valuations.

  1. Investors

Some quick sale agencies claim to have investors they will market a property to, however what they usually are doing is passing your details out to a large database or sometimes even putting them on Facebook. If a company doesn’t have the cash to purchase themselves they are not cash buyers.

If you are currently dealing with another cash buying company and want a second opinion we would be more than happy to help. Please complete the form for a cash offer from us and we will get in touch to discuss your options.

How can I sell my house fast? Ready, Steady … Sell!

At Ready Steady Sell we can help you sell your house fast in 7 to 14 days for genuine cash. No snags, no gimmicks and no last minute price changes; our cash offers are 100% real and we can send you full proof of funds within 24 hours of accepting our offer.

Start your house valuation process here and get your free indicative cash offer. As soon as you have received your online offer a specialist agent will be in touch from our representative company to give you a more accurate oversight of the whole sale process, give you the possible options and routes to sale and also guide you to a path for house sale completion.


How Do I Find The Right Buyer For My Property So It Will Sell Fast?

Selling your property fast can be a stressful experience for some.  According to some reports available on the internet around 1 in 3 property sales fall through and never make it too completion. Coupled with an increase in average selling time to sell a property it is imperative that you find the correct type of buyer for your home.

We highly recommend you check out this online tool we use which is freely available on the internet (the tool can be found here). This tool will give you an idea of how long your sale could potentially take and what other properties are selling for in your area. This tool will also show you really useful information such as average asking prices, average time on market, average selling prices and guideline valuations.

Once you have decided to sell your home it is then important to find the right type of buyer.

The strongest type of buyer is one who is not in a chain as when you bear in mind one on three sales fall through buyers in chain can represent a risk to the sale of your property. Mortgages are also troublesome when it comes to buyers, as lenders are strict on whom they will lend to. This could put your whole sale in jeopardy.

Here at Ready Steady Sell we are chain free, 100% cash buyers.  We buy property anywhere in the UK, you could bank the cash within 7 days.

A Breakdown Of What To Expect From Ready Steady Sell

  • No selling fees to pay
  • Free house valuation by RICS
  • No lengthy contracts to sign
  • No last minute price drops
  • Best industry price match guarantee
  • A quick sale in a time that suits you

How Do I Know A Quick House Sale Is Right For Me?

Let’s face it; selling your home can be stressful as well as a complicated and time-consuming process. From something as simple as ensuring your home is spotless during viewings to negotiating with prospective buyers, you can be sure that nothing is straightforward when dealing with such a huge investment.

If you are having difficulties selling your house in the open property market, do not fret. You are not alone and this is not the end. Sometimes your desire to sell your home fast may hit a snag causing you to rethink your strategy.

Well, if you are selling your home through an estate agent, are unable to turn viewings into offers and are unsure about where to turn to then you will be pleased to know that your solution lies in a quick house sale.

By opting to sell your house to a quick house sale company, you can get the sale out of your way in must under a week in most instances. What is more? Quick house sale companies will buy your home regardless of its current condition so you can be sure to sell without doing all you require to do to sell your house fast in the open property market.

Who is a quick house sale for?

Various situations can warrant a quick house sale. They include the following:

  • A quick house sale is ideal if you are going through financial difficulties and are at the risk of repossession. It will help prevent repossession if you are facing the danger of defaulting on your mortgage. Therefore, if you are in debt and your home is due for repossession be sure to speak to a quick house sale company as soon as possible.
  • You can also opt for repossession if you are going through a divorce and need to share the proceedings from the sale with your partner so that you can go separate ways.
  • If you are relocating due to work and need to sell you property, you probably do not have much time to list it on the property market thus, a quick house sale would be ideal.
  • A quick house sale may also be ideal if you have inherited property following the death of you keen and staying there is reminds you of many sad memories.
  • A quick house sale may also be rewarding for elderly folk that require settling at a home for the elderly or even those who need to raise funds for specialized treatment.

What are you waiting for? Get in touch with a quick house sale company today for a solution to your financial woes. Even then, be sure to settle for a company that has realistic offers, can handle legal issues adequately and are able to liaise with mortgage lenders in the case where you have defaulted in repayment are due for repossession.

How then, does a quick house sale work?

Well, you will do well by beginning with the identification of a suitable quick house sale company. Once you are sure of the company you will work with, you may then go ahead and give them a call. Different quick house sale companies will provide different terms therefore, you need to take time to distinguish between these at the initial stages when you are searching for an ideal company. With your company selected, in most instances they will do the following:

  • Conduct a no obligation valuation subsequently make a no-obligation offer
  • You will then agree to the terms of sale
  • The company will them make arrangements for the completion of your sale

The majority of quick house sale companies also offer to handle the legalities besides taking care of a RICS approved valuation of your property.

There you have it. Whether you are looking to buy your dream house, you intend to move to rented accommodation or you simply do not want to live in inherited property, get a quick house sale today. Not only will you sell your house fast but it also saves you money.

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