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What Are The Best Way's To Sell My House Fast?

Prior to the internet a typical estate agent sale was really the only way people bought and sold property. This didn't really make way for anyone looking to sell their house fast with most estate agents taking up to 6 months for properties to sell.
Now if speed is the main criteria for a property sale; customers can opt to sell house fast with a cash property buying firm to purchase the property for cash. The whole process can usually be tied up in 7 days. A quick house sale using this method doesn't suit everyone, however we have highlighted some of the main reasons our customers choose to sell house fast.

Why do people typically choose to sell house fast for cash?

Divorce or relationship breakdown

When you are in a relationship and you won property jointly, chances are that you may have to give up the property in the event that you are faced with a separation or divorce. This way, you can be able to share the money from the sale and go separate ways. In this case, selling your property through a quick house sale will not only reduce stress associated with the rather sensitive situation but also bring a quick and viable solution.


More and more people are relocating for different reasons such as job losses and job promotions. Whatever the case, you may need to sell your property within a short time and a quick house sale will be inevitable. This will help you to easily move to where business need is rife or jobs are available. Furthermore, you will not have to wait for the buyer to come along as quick house sale companies are usually in a position to purchase property fast so that you have money in your account in a matter of days.

Health concerns

If you are suffering from certain illnesses for an extended period, you may be financially drained in which case you may want to consider selling your property fast. This is because, you may also be unable to work so you do not have a steady income stream. A quick house sale may also be ideal if you are looking to go into private care and treatment and you do not have sufficient.

Repossession worries

This is one of the leading reasons why most people opt for a quick house sale. Selling your house fast may be the only way you can avoid repossession.


If you have lost those who are close to you and cannot move on as you have their memories in every corner of the home, the best solution may be to sell it. This will ensure that you make the grieving process bearable and a quick house sale will further reduce the agony of having to wait for a prospective buyer and showing people around the property.

A quick house sale is an excellent way of selling property for cash within a short time. You are not only guaranteed of having the cash within a matter of days but also finding a solution to other pending issues that require money.

How To Sell A House Quickly For A Good Price?

If you need to sell your property quickly for a good price and you don’t have time to wait for estate agents to find you a buyer, a quick house sale company could have the solution that you need. We can buy any house fast for cash directly from you in a timescale that suits your needs.

You choose when you want to vacate your property, you negotiate the sale price directly with us, and you don’t need to advertise on the open market.

Regardless of whether you need to sell in a matter of days, or sell in 3 months’ time; we have a solution that will help you get the price you want in the timescale you need to sell in.

Brexit, 2017 & Cash House Offers

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU, unlike other cash buying companies, our cash offers for quick house sales currently is unaffected. This means we can guarantee you the same prices we were offering last year – this year! However, due to the unsure times ahead with the UK economy we can’t guarantee these prices forever. Therefore, if you want to sell fast – now is the time!

Further Information On Our Quick House Sale Service

Why use our sell house fast service.

We are experts in selling and buying property, we know the in's and out's of the industry (see - sell my house fast for full market value) and have been operating in this sector for over 11 years. Although other companies may offer you more for a quick sale of your home, you need to question if the sale you are getting is actually a cash sale? More often than not quick house sale companies advertising online don’t have the cash available to purchase your property. Instead they rely on advertising your property on Rightmove and Zoopla at discount prices. This is something you could do yourself.

We buy any house in the UK.

If you have a property for sale in the UK, we are interested in buying it! 100% Fee FREE And For Cash! Forget estate agents – who take up to 6 months to sell a property, we can buy any house within just 24 hours and we pay cash. Our service is not only aimed at individuals looking for a fast house sale, we help people in all situations, we can even help you if you have negative equity. We buy houses nationally, and can assist you with a property sale in all regions of the UK. Whether you are selling a house, flat, bungalow or even want to stop repossession, we can help you.

We pay more than any other company.

To find out how much we can pay for your home, we have developed an online property free house valuation system, that will look at neighbouring properties, land registry records and much more to establish a fair value for your property. We will present you with 3 different offers and depending on how quickly you need to sell and whether or not your home is in one of our ‘hotspot’ areas, we could offer you up to £24,000 more than other companies.

How Do Ready Steady Sell Differ From Other Quick Sale Companies?

  • No last minute price drops
  • Best industry price match guarantee
  • A quick sale in a time that suits you

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