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About Us And How We Started ReadySteadySell!

ReadySteadySell started over 6 years ago, when we saw a surge in the market of property buying companies that we’re offering extremely low prices for homes on websites.

These prices were often in the region of 70-50% the real market value of a property.

The reason people sold to these unscrupulous companies, was they were in a desperate situation to sell. Either facing repossession, going through divorce, or emigrating.

One way or another these people needed to sell, and the companies victimised them. At ReadySteadySell we aim to get you the best price possible for your home, sometimes up to 100% of its true market value.

We do this from our vast knowledge of the market, and our extensive property buying network of cash ready investors.

We do extensive advertising online, which is far cheaper than estate agents billboards, etc so we don’t need to charge any fees for our service.

All you need to do is enter your details in the form opposite, get an instant offer, and if you accept, you could have your house sold to us in as little as just 24 hours.

Remember, our offering system is FREE, you could get 100% market value, and you pay no fees to sell with us. Just enter your details NOW.

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