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I need conveyancing services can you help me?

One of the things that tends to slow down the process of selling your house is conveyancing. As such, speeding up the conveyance process is one of the important things you need to do if you are to sell your house fast.

Conveyancing refers to the full legal process of transferring ownership of the house you are selling. It begins from the moment you accept an offer and only ends once the buyer is handed the key.

Selling your House Fast – The Legal Process

Before setting out to contact an estate agent to sell your house, it is important that you take into account what the process entails as this may cause hiccups along the way. In particular, conveyancing is one of the things that could cause problems.

This usually comes weeks and months after listing your property and have not only received but also accepted the offer that has been made for your property. It is all about completing your legal paper work.

The good news is that you can handle conveyancing on your own. However, only opt for this you must have the time, skill and be confident enough to handle this. Alternatively, you may opt to identify a solicitor and instructor them to do it for you. Your estate agent may suggest one but you need to be careful as it might come with additional costs and commissions that come with it.

Appointing a Trustworthy Conveyancer

It is paramount that you make a shrewd decision when appointing a solicitor to help complete your property sale proceedings for your fast. Once you have agreed on the solicitor fee and signed a contract with them, the conveyance or solicitor you will appoint should be able to start drafting up contracts and inform your buyer’s solicitor about it.

Generally, you need to understand the ins and outs of your property, in order to sell fast. This is because you will be able to answer any question that a buyer may have effectively speeding up the sale process hence limiting costs.

Most importantly, you need to be strict with the deadlines by keeping an eye on the paper work. You will do well to be open regarding small details as well as offer solicitors plenty of information. Keep in mind that it is difficult to approximate the duration the entire process will take just as it is harder to predict what could go wrong.

Your house is one of the investments that you treasure with the hope of making a good return from it when you want to sell it. Even then, your dreams may be crushed when you are faced with a property valuation marked down by a surveyor.

This can be frustrating especially when you are selling in order to move to your dream home. Thus, it is important that you ensure you get you get the best property valuation report from the onset. This way, you can be sure to set the right asking price that is important when you want to sell your house fast.

One thing that you need to understand is that the surveyor is human hence, they will rely on the evidence that is presented before them. Here is an insight on how to ensure you get the best valuation for your property:

  1. Meet the surveyor on site It is advisable to avail yourself on site when the surveyor is conducting valuation of your property. This way, you can ensure they are free to access every area they need to and respond to any questions they may have.

  2. Talk to the surveyor about any home improvements you have done – If you have recently made any improvements on your property, be sure to let the surveyor know. This may be redecoration, replacement of the kitchen or bathroom or putting up an extension. Talk about all the structural works you may have done such as fixing the roof. This is because while some of these are obvious, others will require that you do a little explanation.

  3. Discuss about the money you paid for the property and how you have added value – Estate agents tend to be too secretive when asked about the amount of money property was sold for or even the offers that are on the market especially when surveyors ask for comparative evidence. You will do well to let the surveyor know how much you paid for at the time when you purchased it and if there were any circumstances that influenced the price. If you demonstrate why you paid a lower price at the time of purchase, you may then increase the valuation you will receive from the surveyor

  4. Talk about comparable evidence if it will work to your advantage – If, for example you know the price for which the house next door was sold and it is what you are seeking to achieve, inform the surveyor about it. While it is likely that he is already aware, you may want to share information that shows proof that the prices of property in the area has gone up by a certain percentage since the sale of the house next door. You could consider supplying data to prove this.

  5. Discuss estate agent views – You must be honest enough with the surveyor to discuss the views of estate agents that you may have already valued your property. This is important as it can show the degree of local knowledge that your surveyor may use. You can present the paperwork from the agents complete with valuation estimates. This is usually important because decent agents will give a report that captures comparable evidence as well as their reasoning behind it.

  6. Discuss about offers you may have received – Let the surveyor know if you have had more than one offer for the property that is close to the price you hope to achieve. However, if the offer was under the price you are hoping to achieve, then do not share this information as it could work against your valuation.



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