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According to house sale statistics, only a paltry 5 percent account for private house sales in the UK. Interestingly, private house sales have been on a steady rise with their popularity growing fast especially among those sellers that have been disappointed by traditional estate agents.  

Research has shown that the average age of homeowners who opt for private house sale is 40.2. This means that they are likely to be second time buyers that have worked with estate agents before and have gained the confidence to go it alone.

The beauty of selling your home without enlisting the services of an estate agent is that you have more control over the sale process from marketing to conducting viewings as well as negotiating the sale price. But is it all rosy? Here are some pros and cons of selling your house through a private sale.


  • Cost – The major reason why most people opt to sell property privately is because they are able to save money on estate agent fees. By selling a house on your own, you are guaranteed of keeping the entire amount you will get from the sale. All you will need to do is pay to advertise your house.
  • Specialized advertising – A private sale is particularly ideal if you are selling a niche property, as you will have control over how you advertise the home. Most importantly, you can highlight accessible features as your major selling point.
  • You are entirely in control – When you sale your house privately, you can be sure to take control of the process. Remember, you know your home better than anyone else hence you are better placed to advertise it that the agents will do. In most cases, prospective buyers will prefer so here from someone that has lived in the property hence you will in a better position.


There is a downside to selling your house through a private sale that nobody may tell you about. The cons include the following:

  • Lack of expert advice – Sometimes as a homeowner, you may lack the confidence to push your house to prospective buyers and manoeuvre through the sale process alone simply because you lack the expertise. As such, this avenue of selling your house is not ideal if you are not comfortable with the norms of the property market and may find the prospect of a private sale daunting.
  • Requires too much time and effort – Selling your home by yourself requires significant amount and effort as you need to not only arrange for but also conduct viewings. You will also need to create your own advert and negotiate with the prospective buyers all by yourself. Thus, this can be difficult if you are committed somewhere else or have a full time job hence it may take a long time before you can sell your house.
  • Security – The fact that you are in direct contact with prospective buyers could pose a security threat. Thus, you need to be wary of unusual or strange inquiries from buyers who may be malicious or fake because unlike an agent, you will not be able to filter out inquiries before they reach you.

While it is possible to sell your house by yourself, it is equally important to ensure that you look into the disadvantages of pursuing this avenue to sell your house so that you are shielded from the disadvantages as well as any eventualities that may arise.

Reasons to Choose a Quick House Sale Company

There are various reasons why you could be considering a quick house sale. Well, while the most obvious reason is usually speed, a quick house sale may be prompted by other factors that require a quick solution.

Generally, if the company or individual that is interested in purchasing your home are not depending on the approval or even implementation of a mortgage or any other loan facility, they are likely to make a decision  on their quickly as they are not reliant on third parties.

The absence of third party involvement makes the process less problematic because the need to liaise with potential buyers and estate agents are eliminated from the equation.

In addition to speed, life presents different circumstances that can prompt the need to sell your house fast. Here are top 5 reasons to opt for a quick house sale:

  • Divorce or relationship separation

When you jointly own property with your partner or spouse and you terminate the relationship, you will need to determine how much of this property you are each entitled to. If this happens, then you may know pretty well that the agony of having to wait for the sale of your house to go through before you can part ways. Thus, by opting for a quick house sale you can be sure to reduce the stress that is associated with this somewhat sensitive situation, effectively bringing a quick viable solution.

  • Relocation

You may need to relocate together with your family due to the loss of your job or even a job promotion. When you have to move where there are jobs or to your new workstation then waiting for the right buyer on the open property market is not a feasible option. Conversely, it will be more advantageous to sell your house to a property cash buyer as they are in a position to secure a quick sale fast and efficiently letting you relocate on time without stress.

  • Impending Repossession and other financial difficulties

An impending repossession as well as other financial difficulties you may be facing may be the reason you want to sell your house through a quick house sale. Having considered an existing mortgage, a quick house sale could be the only way to clear your outstanding debts.

  • Inheritance

The pain of losing a loved one can be difficult to put up with. It even gets worse when you inherit property from them, as you will be constantly haunted by their memories. Even then, you can get around this by sorting out the estate of your departed relatives through a quick house sale. In fact, for some people this is part of the process of the grieving process and moving on. Obviously, a quick house sale will reduce the stress of waiting for potential buyers and even having to show them around during viewings.

  • Health concerns

Being in a good state of health is very crucial to your overall wellbeing. When you are suffering from an illness for a long period, this can have a serious effect on your finances and even the ability to work. When you do not have a steady stream of income, you may be left with no choice but sell your house to finance your treatment or private medical care.

Overall, a quick house sale may be necessitated by a number of reasons as discussed above. Even then, you need to be cautious so that you do not end up selling your house to a rogue quick house sale company or buyer.


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