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Selling your house fast for cash may have not crossed your mind, unless you are in some sort of financial difficulty, such as facing repossession or coping with a divorce. However, selling a property for a quick cash offer doesn’t need to be just suited for the financially desperate; it can have many benefits to the average homeowner as well.

A quick cash sale is just that, ‘quick’. What you are usually getting with a genuine cash buying company is the ability to complete on a sale in as little as 7 days. That means, no dealing with costly estate agents, no buyers looking around your property, no for-sale boards, and nobody knowing you have sold until the day you move out.

A private house sale like this has its advantages for most people, but for others that want to look at the financial side to selling your house for cash, there are also benefits.


For example, estate agents are on average in the UK taking 3 months to find buyers for properties. Then on top of that, because the buyer they find may be in a chain, you need to add on another 2 months for this to go through. Then add on another month for solicitors and completions to take place, and it quickly becomes half a year before a property sells. This is realistically how long it takes to sell a property on the open market, and if you have ever sold a house before, you will know just how frustrating this can be.

You have buyers pulling out at the last minute, you get buyers failing funding and not being able to buy because they can’t get a mortgage, and to top it off, you have to deal with all of the timewasters who don’t really have an interest in buying in the first place.

With a cash property sale, you can literally be complete in 7 days. Sometimes it can take up to 12 if the solicitors are particularly busy, but this is a far cry from 6 months! 6 months is a long time, if you think about what you would be paying out in 6 months, the costs actually add up.

You will have 6 months of mortgage payments, 6 months of council tax, 6 months of regular house hold bills and to top it off, epc’s, solicitors legal costs and estate agent fees. All of these costs can be avoided with a quick cash sale. You can have the money in your bank in 7-12 days’ time without all of the fuss and aggravation that comes with a traditional estate agent sale.

The downside to selling your property for cash is that you will be expected to discount your home in order to make it more attractively priced to the cash buying company. The amount of discount that you normally need to give is around 20% of the market value. But having said that, every property is different and everyone’s situation is different, so the best thing to do is get a free valuation for a property buying company to find out how much they will pay you.

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Can I Really Sell For 100% Market Value?

If you see a ‘cash buying company’ claiming that they can pay you 100% of the market value, the fact is that that are likely trying to scam you, or mislead you in some way. If it sounds too good to be true it likely is, and a company claiming they can ‘pay you’ 100% of market value is far too good to be true.

Let’s look at it this way. If you were a market trader, and you bought in stock from a warehouse to sell on your stall to the general public, would you buy your stock at £100, and then sell it on your stall for £100? Thought not.

Property buying companies are there for one purpose, to make a profit and there is no profit in buying something for 100% market value and selling it again for 100% market value. Any cash house sale is likely to be around 20% of the market value, so prepare yourself for this before contacting a genuine buyer. Selling your house quickly for 100% of the market value is just not possible.

The purpose of these companies advertising to buy your house at 100% of the market value is purely to capture your details, and market to you their product – be it an estate agent, or a cash buying service at a below market value price.

There are companies out there that claim to be able to achieve up to 100% of the market value, and this is a completely different service altogether. Basically what this usually is, is an open market ‘quick estate agent’ sale. At ReadySteadySell.co.uk we offer this service through a sister company, and we can genuinely achieve up to 100% market value. Remember, we can ‘achieve’, ‘up to’ and we don’t claim we can ‘buy from you’.

Other Ways of Selling Your House Quickly

There are other supposed ways of selling your house quickly that scam house buying companies try to mask as cash buyers, and one of those is known as a delayed sale or joint venture opportunity.

What happens with this kind of sale is you generally receive around 50% of the market value of your property up front, and the company claims they will pay you the rest in 10 years’ time or more, when the market ‘picks up’.

It’s surprising how many people actually believe these types of companies’ lies, especially when the seller is in a desperate situation and needs a quick cash sale of their property. These companies pray of the desperate situation the seller is in, so if you are in this situation, make sure you seen independent financial advice before you agree to anything.

Another sale option that is disguised as a cash sale is a lease option. Lease options have been around for a long time and are particularly popular in Australia and the USA. Unfortunately in this country they have a track record of being mis-sold and vendors being misled. What happens with a lease option is, the vendor doesn’t actually sell the property to the buyer, and they just agree that the buyer will take over mortgage payments from the seller.

This is usually so they can put a tenant in the property, and make an income from the rent. In theory, lease options are not a bad idea, especially if you are in negative equity and can’t sell, or even if you are struggling with your mortgage payments.

The down side to the ‘seller’ is that they haven’t actually sold their property! The ‘buyer’ (if you can call them that), has merely taken over the mortgage payments for an agreed period and has the option to buy your property. They can if they wish, walk away from the sale at any point.

The FSA recently shut down activity in the ‘sale and rent back’ market, as it was full of loopholes and scams where vendors were losing out on the money in their property. Now, the FSA are looking into lease options, so it is one to be very careful of. If you are at all concerned, we highly recommend that you get independent financial advice.

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Sell Your House On Your Own Online?

If you are looking to sell your house quickly in the UK chances are you may not have considered the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route of selling. There are many websites online where you can list your own property yourself without the need of an estate agent. This route of selling is not ‘the norm’ however it can prove successful if you price your property correctly and are willing to put in a little bit of hard work in the first instance to ensure your home sells fast.

Quick House Sale Estate Agents?

There are many quick sale online agents these days who can list your property on all of the big portals such as Rightmove and Zoopla for a small fee. The level of effort these agents put in varies hugely – some will merely list your property in the portals expecting you to do all of the hard work such as viewings and taking photos. Other online agents have a more hands on approach and do everything for you to help your property sell quicker.

‘We Buy Any House’ Cash Buying Firms?

From our experience there are only a handful of genuine cash buying firms around, one of them being our cash buying arm. We strongly advise anyone considering a cash sale route to seek independent advice before doing so.

Also please make sure to check any company that you are considering dealing with thoroughly. Ensure they are registered with the Property Ombudsman, make sure they are members of the NAPB, and also don’t be afraid to ask them to provide proof of funds for your purchase.

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